OKRs and goal tracking

Smash your company goals this quarter

Wangll’s OKRs and goal tracking tools help you create a focussed, high-performing team.

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Finding it hard to rally your team behind a cause?
Here’s how Wangll can help:

Give your team clarity and direction

Wangll puts goals at the heart of everything your team does. So you can ensure clarity of expectations with specific targets and deadlines.

Properly align all team efforts with your ogranization

Wangll helps improve transparency and collaboration by making it clear what the top-level company goals are, and how they apply to every team, and member.

Make performance management much easier

Weekly check-ins get updates from team members for you. Get a birds-eye-view of where everyone is, whenever you want. No more time wasted in status meetings.

Create a highly effective team, with best practice

Wangll makes it hard to set bad goals or fall prey to OKR pitfalls. With clever on-boarding and an educative interface, you can empower your team members to succeed.